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East Meets West, Past Meets Future

I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic for over two decades. My formal education taught me to always focus on addressing the cause of the ailment-not just managing the symptoms.  But when I saw a pattern emerging where clients physical symptoms would start to resurface even after I had utilized all the traditional means of western healthcare at my disposal I was left  asking the same questions, namely, “Why” and “What had I missed?

Those questions peaked my interest and started moving me intellectually towards the idea that the root cause of illness must encompass more than our physical body parts shifting position or simply wearing out. Years of research kept leading me back to the same conclusion, namely, that unresolved emotional issues in our lives results in a reduction of the flow of energy or “Chi” within the body which eventually manifests itself in our physical realm as illness or disease.

Studying aboriginal shamanism, eastern healing techniques, meditation and spiritual healing philosophies further educated me in the long held belief in these cultures that the root cause of any illness begins not in the body but within the mind.

Eastern Medicine has long held on to the principle that there is no correlation or connection between the mind and the body. But as Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve your Brain-The Science of Changing Your Mind states, ” Over time, because of the fact that our repetitive thinking patterns become either positive or negative in nature, the end result is always the sameHow you think ultimately dictates how you will feel.” So his philosophy is simple. Change your mind and your whole life changes.

Finding a simple yet reproducible way of helping people quickly improve their level of positive thinking , their overall level of health and ultimately how they can easily become aligned to the idea of viewing life from a place of joy rather than a place of sadness led to the creation of The Awakenings Technique. Chiropractic clients who have participated in this unique technique unanimously agree that they now require fewer or sometimes no further chiropractic care in order to remain healthy. And now with the introduction of Skype the “emotional cleansing” and that feeling of being grounded, happy and a sense of inner peace which Awakenings offers is now available to everyone.

The Awakenings Technique is a truly progressive, global approach to mind-body healing.

Awakening Technique: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each session last?

The initial session  lasts 2 hours as Vonda spends time with each client explaining how the overall Awakenings protocol works before the actual session even begins. Subsequent sessions last 1.5 hours.

How many sessions will I require?

The number of Awakening Technique sessions required are specific to the individual as well as to the number of issues involved.

At the end of the initial session the client will be made aware by Dr. Morrison of how many Chakra’s they have that require healing as well as the number of issues that are present with Chakra.


One layer is cleared at each session. The layers themselves centre on issues involving either finances or relationships (family and non-family- both past and present). During each session the client is made aware of how each buried emotion being released is consciously connected to the issue being dealt with.

The client becomes an active participant in their own healing by getting a true “Awakening” into how their own emotions have been working for or against them in creating the life they are now living.

b) Session 6: This session deals with the most frequently asked client question which is,”How do I stop being re-triggered by certain emotions?”But the real question this session answers is, “Why are you being re-triggered by certain emotions like rage or depression?” Just as roots feed a plant, all of the underlying subconscious emotions which are feeding and maintaining the existence of the re-triggered emotion are located and then released. And like a plant without any roots, the re-triggered emotion cannot survive and simply dies away.

2.    Maintenance Care: Because we live in a world where dealing with stress will always be a part of life, this once a month hour and a half session helps the client release unwanted negative emotions that may have built up over the previous month before they become ingrained in their cellular physiology and lead to future illness or disease. Clients have dubbed this care, “emotional cleansing.”

How much time should I allow between sessions?

The amount of time you take between sessions is totally up to you. Some clients choose to come weekly because they want to heal as quickly as they can, but coming twice a month or even monthly is fine to.

Can the initial Intensive Care Stage ever take more than six sessions to complete?

The incredible thing about this technique is that it always deals with the emotional issues of highest priority first. At the end of your first session your next four emotional layers that need to be dealt with will be written out for you in order of their priority. However, if you are triggered a certain issue between sessions, the triggered issue will take precedence over everything on the priority list at the next session.

For example, let’s say that you’ve just completed an Awakenings session related to emotional issues surrounding your spouse and your next scheduled session is suppose to center on emotional issues involving you personally. If for some reason you get re-triggered by your spouse between sessions you may end up requiring an additional session or more around them before your issues get dealt with. Whatever issue is highest priority in your conscious mind will always get dealt until completion first.

What can I expect to feel after my first visit?

How you respond to your first visit is an individualistic experience. All I can do here is relay some the comments clients have told me.

  • Some clients feel the need to sleep after the first session because they have released so many negative emotions and now feel tired
  • Clients often comment of feeling energetically” light” or “expansive”
  • Words like “happy” or “filled with inner-peace” are commonplace
  • A lot of patients don’t want to leave the office after their first session. They just want to sit and enjoy their new found sense of  well being and feeling grounded
  • Clients often feel detached from their cares and stresses for the first time in their lives
  • Some clients feel euphoric and full of energy for the first time in years. They just want to get up and run around
  • Clients learn so much about themselves during the first session that they often require time to process all of this newfound information
  • Some clients are so wounded and disconnected from their own emotions that they require more time than one session will allow before they can accept emotional healing in their life
  • After leaving the office some clients become very emotional because, for the first time in their life they have given themselves permission to feel and consciously experience deeply buried emotions which are now  bubbling to the surface
  • We now have tools for the client to do at home to quickly overcome these new found feelings

How long does it generally take to see results?

The length of time it will take for you to see both physical and emotional results will be dictated by the number of layers of emotional traumas and dramas that you have subconsciously stored in your mind, body, spirit and soul over a lifetime, and which now have to be released to the Universe.

The rule of thumb is simple; the more emotional layers that are present, the longer the healing time.

Some clients have verbalized that they felt a release of physical pain from their body and a lightening of their emotional state during their very first session. Other clients have been even more dramatic in their praise for the technique saying that the immediate changes they experienced even after one session of the Awakenings Technique were nothing short of “life changing.”

For some it takes a day or two to really start to recognize how they feel different or to become aware of how they are now reacting in a more positive manner to situations which before Awakenings would have triggered a flurry of negative emotions within them.

The key to healing is patience. And with the Awakening Technique the question is never will I heal but rather how long the process will take.

Can my symptoms ever be re-triggered and return?

The answer is yes. Just like in Chiropractic as there is not just one reason why someone gets sciatic pain or a headache, there is not just one set of emotions that correspond to a particular physical symptom in the body.

We process thousands of emotions every day, storing some while ignoring others completely. But this means that there are an infinite number of emotional combinations which when left unchecked in the subconscious mind, can fester and quickly result in emotional imbalance or physical symptoms.

The marvelous thing about the Awakenings technique is that it clears the emotions which are directly involved with the issue(s) that are bothering you in real time. In this way unwanted negative emotions or physical symptoms are eradicated before they take root for a second time.

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