I had a not easy time concentrating on my drive home after my session. Everything was beautiful! The sky, trees colors! All so vivid!  Knew I appreciated the beauty of the world, just seemed a bit more vibrate.                    It was like I got a new prescription in my eye wear……..thanks

Miss Vicki


Words will never begin to express how significantly-much it has meant to me to cross paths with Dr. Morrison and Vonda. Profound and transformational would be good starts, though!
Across the pivotal summer of 2014, I so looked forward to my ten Awakenings sessions. It’s no stretch to say the powerful affirmations that resulted have helped me clear some extremely-ingrained and painful feelings plus belief systems. I know as a result, these two gifted practitioners will have contributed amazingly to my soaring into the fullness of all aspects of my life.
Kevin and Vonda, I deeply honour and celebrate you in bringing forth this vital work into the world. You are both nothing short of gifts to humanity.
From my heart and soul, I wish you only my professional and personal best as you continue to expand your desperately-needed influence around the globe.

Carol-Ann Hamilton

After experiencing the Awakenings Technique, both in person and on Skype, I can tell you that this technique is astounding!!!! The work definitely removes the limiting emotions, and has instilled in me a sense of peace that I was so wanting. Distance is no limitation to the effect of this technique.

~Brenda Pearce- Radio Host

I wanted to update you on my progress from my first two sessions I recently had with you. Prior to my first session, I was living in a state of confusion, fear and great uncertainty. I very much wanted a better life but I didn’t much hope that I would, and I struggled day by day to find a better way. On our first session you worked on my 5th Chakra, the throat Chakra to help me speak my truth. I noticed results immediately, I felt lighter, happy for no reason and more centred.

I realized for myself that I suffered from depression that I wasn’t aware of. My second session was two weeks later, and we worked on my 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus, the power centre, to help me regain my personal power. I know for a fact that I really lacked that, because I had low self esteem, and low expectations for achieving more for my life. I didn’t even allow myself to dream. Again, during and right after my session, I felt a myself shift, and the changes during the session seemed to happen with more ease and I moved through it with great conviction.

Every day I see and feel mote improvements in myself, my circumstances haven’t changed, but I am happy and joyful, life doesn’t feel like a burden, it feels like a great adventure.My perspective about myself and the life I can create has dramatically changed. I actually like myself now as I now know that I have a lot to offer, but most of all I am allowing myself to dream and I am taking the steps now to help make all my dreams happen.

I really hope that your miraculous work reaches may people, the world in fact, and when they hear about it, they will take a leap of faith asI did, and just go for it, as it’s actually fun to uncover what is really inside each of us.

~Maria G from Orlando, Florida

(Other comments from Maria)

~Thank you both sincerely, I truly feel like I am finally starting to live life freely and I am steppinginto who I am meant to be.

~I am doing fabulous! The last session really created some big shifts, I am definitely more joyous about life! I notice with each seeion it’s making me feel more tune into myself! I’m excited for you both, and your work needs to be shared with the world! It’s so transformative,I’m feeling so blessed right now!

~I am sharing the radio link to your show and your website with so many people.I pray they will listen to me.There are so many more people I wamt to share your information with but from my perspective, what I see everyday are so many people in life looking for help emotionally, but with very little hope that they will heal. I also know that you must have an authentic desire to be healed or it won’t happen, and that many people are addicted to their negative emotions and feelings.

It’s what I’ve learned to call “The human condition”, expecting things to stay the same , waking up each morning and expecting the same old thing because you expect it to be there, so low and be hold..there it is.It’s a perpetual Groundhog Day ( an old Bill Murray movie) and a reguritation of life.

Much Gratitude for what enlightenment you both have taught me.

First I want to thank you both for what you do. I now have a great sense of inner peace. I trust and know that I’m on my way to becoming a grown up , confident happy lady…..There is no looking back now! The positive Affirmations that you helped me to develop are on my mind all the time. You have helped to give me a picture of who I finally want to BE and it is clear and strong in my mind now, for always.

~Silvana from Orlando, Florida

THANK YOU both for the wonderful work. BLESS YOU both for helping me find my smile and laughter which I lost completely and was feeling empty after mom crossed over recently. I just had the biggest laugh with The Awakenings Session. I’m forever grateful to TWO beautififul souls, namely Dr. Kevin and Vonda. I will definitely spread the word about Awakenings!!

~Krishnaveni, Malaysia


I am very thankful for the work that Dr Morrison and Vonda have and continue to do with me. I have a new sense of happiness with a lot less weight on my shoulders. I have re-discovered my passion for golf and I now have a positive outlook on life. Thanks a million!

~Nicklaus Kennedy college golfer


I have been doing the Awakenings Technique with Dr Kevin Morrison about every 6 weeks since Nov. 2012.  I met Vonda, his partner, as a client at the veterinary clinic I work at.  She would tell me about the work she was doing with Kevin.  She told me about a talk they were doing and suggested I go and listen to see what it was all about.

The first time I ever met Kevin I was a total mess.  I hated who I was and was just waiting to get though this life, just existing, not living.  Without asking me anything he was able to connect to what was happening in my life, and was extremely accurate.  Just being near him made you feel welcomed and loved.

With his help, my emotional life has been transformed.  I am happy, confident, have self worth and love who I have become.  With my Doctors approval, I have been able to reduce the antidepressant medication that I have been on for 22 years to it’s lowest dose with no relapses into depression, even through this very long, cold winter.  The negative voices in my head are no longer constant companions.

Kevin has cleared my past so I can live in the present and look forward to the future and all its possibilities. Absolutely awesome!!

I love you guys..Really!
~Carolyn Fasken


“The Awakenings Technique has had a profound effect on my life. The only way I can explain it is like this; I feel joy instead of a heavy oppressing feeling of depression. I have an inexplicable feeling of light within me. Today was the most joy I have ever felt ever after doing an Awakenings session. It just keeps getting and better and better. One of the biggest issues I have had to deal with all my life now feels like it has finally been lifted, like the feeling one would get by removing a heavy pile of bricks from one’s shoulders. I feel free as if I was swimming silently along the bottom of a pool. That kind of free.

My husband and I both go, and with all the struggles over the years, I can see past any resentment and regret, and we are simply happy and grateful. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself,  and I want to shout it from the rooftops!  “Vonda Smith and Dr. Kevin Morrison have changed our lives.”

~ Ms. Arden Urbano

“I left  my Awakenings session feeling like I had been massaged from the inside out. My whole body, even my internal organs, felt relaxed and it felt like everything was working again. The energy was flowing freely. I felt light and just happy all through my body. It seemed as though the “darkness” that I had been carrying around with me was gone. There was a brightness and a “warmth” inside of me.  I didn’t realize how negative thoughts and emotions can be so detrimental to my body, right down to my cells. I am definitely pleased with my decision to begin this self-healing journey with Dr. Morrison.”

~ Lisa Coleman

“I have been working with Dr. Morrison and Awakenings for several months now. It has been a remarkable journey in healing and in discovering parts of myself that were not previously assessable to me.

The work of Awakenings is unlike anything I have experienced before. Through it, I have been able to clear emotional blocks that have limited me for most of my life. These fear based feeling prevented me from reaching a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Without extensive conversation and using the energetic release of toxic emotions, I have been guided to move past previous emotional barriers and limiting beliefs.

I am happier and more grounded than I have ever been before.

Dr. Morrison’s work with Awakenings is truly amazing.”

~ Lynn Clements

Do you ever feel unsure of past history in your life? Afraid to ask even if there was someone nearby with the answer.

God created special people, just a few, to take care of these issues for us.
Dr. Kevin Morrison is one of God’s special caregivers who can unravel these queries. He is a devout and a spiritual being, whose trust in God along with his Chiropractic education is astonishing!!!

He has shed light on the many lives that were in need of understanding.

He can make you feel free, light as a feather, you can laugh easily and you can’t keep a smile off your face

~Ruth Young

“As part of my Equine Chiropractic Research Project, one of the first
things I did was call Dr. Morrison and Vonda Smith. I wanted the
Awakenings technique performed on my Horse for two reasons.
One – I wasn’t sure my horse liked me or her new life. Two – I wanted to
make sure she wasn’t holding onto anything from her past.

I wanted her tobe able to “Let Go” of all her negative emotions. I also needed to create
an unbreakable bond between horse and rider so that we could achieve our
goals. As a Human, Equine, Canine, and Feline Chiropractor, I often see
emotional blockages that are detrimental to the healing process.

This Equine Case study proved that the Awakenings Technique works. This
horse went from being depressed, unworthy, and unwilling to work, to now
being able to perform at a level she hadn’t been able to do in 4 years!!!
The Awakenings Technique on Animals is highly effective and an excellent
addition to Chiropractic Care.” That’s not the end of the story.

After trying the Awakenings technique myself, I no longer have access to certain believe systems that are not serving me. The freedom from my old thought processes is incredible and relaxing.

I go day-to-day and make choices that better serve me. In the past, my old limiting belief systems were based on fear, and prevented me from achieving the life that I wanted. It is a breath of fresh air to exist in peace, without all the chatter of old thoughts inside.

This technique is very simple yet remarkably effective. Using muscle testing to access the unconscious mind, it is definitely ahead of it’s time, and will prove to be one of the most effective healthcare treatments in the future. Dr. Kevin Morrison and Vonda Smith are powerful facilitators of change. They’re professional, kind and trusting. I highly recommend trying The Awakenings Technique!

~Dr. Kim Gdanski D.C.

I have had several awakening sessions with Dr. Kevin Morrison and I am amazed at the clearing that continues to evolve in this journey to understand oneself.

He has a unique ability to pinpoint the most necessary areas of growth and through his technique turns the work inward to allow a release and replacement of emotion that makes a significant impact on healing. It is truly a gift that few possess and I feel blessed to have experienced the Awakenings

~Ann Pavlic

I was introduced to the Awakening Technique with Dr. Morrison and Vonda this past August of 2013.
As the sessions progressed I began to feel like a new person. After the first session my soul felt light and alive, as I could just float away. I felt happy and healthy again for the first time in many years.

I had allowed myself to give my power away earlier in my life but I now had it back for keeps. No one was going to tell me that I’m boring or not worth anything ever again. Now my smile is genuine and I feel great.

I have always believed that when you frown you frown alone, but when you smile the world smiles with you. I want to shout from the rooftops that I feel free and nothing can make me sad. The physical pains I always had in my side don’t hurt anymore and I look forward to tomorrow. Thank you God, and thank you Dr. Morrison and Vonda for all your help.

~Doris Smith

In August of 2013 my life was changed forever. While on summer vacation Vonda and Dr. Morrison stopped in to visit with me (I’m Vonda’s Aunt). They we’re kind enough to spend almost two hours performing an Awakenings session with me. Vonda had briefly explained the process of Awakening’s to me before but I still really didn’t know what to expect. All I can tell you is that I never expected to receive the gift I got. I left that session feeling like my heart and soul had finally been set free!

I always knew that God and Christ loved me and I loved them. I always believed I would go to Heaven but now I knew I was ready. I had washed my heart and soul. Finally I had discovered a technique to help me wash away all the tarnish of my life.

I was taught that the past is simply just that, the past, but I never knew that all the while it was all still buried deep inside of me. Awakenings helped me to realize that I had always had a difficult time feeling love. When someone said “I love you” I couldn’t feel it. Now I can and I do!

Later on I shared with my daughter how in the past I couldn’t let myself feel her love. She started to cry, and she told me that she had a hard time with her daughter also and that she hadn’t heard from her for six weeks. She said she felt like there was a huge block between them. I told her to take those negative feelings out, essentially release them like I had during my Awakenings session, and fill that space with loving memories of her daughter.

Later that day, her daughter called her and told her how much she loved and missed her mom. A simple stroke of good luck, I think not. When I later related this incident to Vonda she chuckled and said, “There you have it Aunt Dorothy. You just witnessed the power of the Law of Attraction in action. We are like magnets, meaning that like magnets like attracts like. When you change your thoughts you change the energy you are vibrating outwards and thus your point of attraction.”

As for me I feel fresh and clean and excited for each new day. I’m willing and eager to share with anyone why I look and feel so great now. Thank you Vonda and Dr. Morrison

~Dorothy Cooper

“I have suffered severe lower back pain since I was about 10-years-old. As a father of three, and self-employed business person, the pain had really intensified when I met Dr. Morrison. His approach – making it possible to address the underlying stresses that cause physical tension in the body – has done more for my lower back than any other treatment I have experienced in over 30 years.”

~ Dave McLaughlin

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