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Dr. Kevin Morrison & Vonda Smith

Dr. Kevin Morrison and Vonda Smith are quickly gaining in both worldwide attention and recognition over the Internet, YouTube and Skype since their introduction of “The Awakening Technique” to the world earlier this year.

This cutting edge approach to an individual’s health and wellness focuses on the principle adopted by multiple cultures and religions that illness’s of any type will manifest themselves at the energy level of our Chakra’s both spiritually and emotionally long before ever manifesting within us physically.

The philosophy of The Awakenings Technique runs in opposition to the traditionally held medical belief that healing from physical illness can only be obtained through the use of drugs or surgery and that to even consider the treatment of emotional factors as a viable cause of illness is not even part of the medical paradigm.

For those individuals lucky enough to have discovered The Awakenings Technique they know from personal experience that the release of the emotional drama’s and traumas we all carry throughout life isn’t part of the answer to good health…it is THE answer and that this technique must be experienced to be believed.


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