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Testimonials from our practicing Awakenings Practitioner


Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I know that gets used a LOT; however, after today, I am finally starting to feel real… authentic. I had a tremendous session with Donna Beach, a fellow Realtor who has always been such an inspiration to me. Donna is someone I can really trust and relate to. I found out Donna is currently undergoing the certification process to become certified in The Awakenings Technique and she asked that I come in and let her practice on me. I was a bit skeptical going in and, quite frankly had given up hope that I could be “saved.” Having said that, I liked the idea that this “technique” could possibly help me to FINALLY break down the walls I have been building around me. It probably resonated with me now because I read it was a process using both Eastern and Western empowering techniques. I’d be remiss if I did not point out that I had big hopes, but low expectations going in.

From the moment I stepped in the door, Donna made me feel at ease and safe. Her warm disposition and energy was intoxicating and inspiring. I immediately knew that I could trust her with this process and hoped it would truly help. Through guided visualization techniques and reflection, I was able to quickly tap into the core beliefs haunting my subconscious. Some were obvious and others became more and more clear as the process continued. Step-by-step we annihilated the first of many deep-seeded limiting beliefs that were not only holding me back, but literally destroying my life. As we worked through the the four main issues that I was currently holding on to, I began to see a connection between the various events in my life that had planted negative seeds in my subconscious. It was practically a connect the dots map of why I am who I am today. With Donna’s help, I was able to face my “demons” and allow myself to feel and become mindful of these experiences. Once I was able to do that, Donna and this process, showed me how to “remove” the seeds and replace them with visual techniques that allow me to feel this empowering strategy.

By the end, I had poured out my heart and soul to Donna and in return I received overwhelming feelings of joy and acceptance. If you, or anyone you know, is feeling a lack of passion or empowerment in their lives, I would HIGHLY recommend Donna and The Awakenings Technique. Although it was an intensely emotional process, I am looking forward to returning again and again to continue to shed the years of neglect and self-deprecating behaviour that has been ingrained into my subconscious. If there is anything I learned over the many years of therapy and today’s session especially, is that it is never to late to start living the best life possible. No matter how long it takes, I’m going to stay the course. Step-by-step. Time is going to pass whether I do this or not… So I am going to get started NOW and believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that “every day and in every way, I am getting better and better.”

Charlene from Burlington


The Practitioners Testimonial:   Donna’s response to facilitating an Awakenings session:  It is freakin awesome to see someone change their life for the better at the level of their soul.     Success without fulfillment is not success….and helping empower this change in people is fulfilling!

 This can be You!

 The Awakenings Technique Workshop

Level one

Come open your mind to new possibilities.

* The level one course is a prerequisite for our Certified Awakenings Practitioner’s Course.  Workshop #2 and #3

*  Learn how to Muscle Test and tap into your own subconscious as well as how reprogramming your subconscious mind will open the door to positive personal growth and success.

*  Learn about epi-genetics and why you’re not a victim to your genes.

* Understand the power of the placebo effect.

* Learn about the five elements of Chinese medicine

*Get a deeper understanding about your Chakra’s and how you can use Muscle Testing to identify your limiting beliefs.

Workshop #2

* Learn how to facilitate your own or someone else’s healing of emotional trauma’s and drama’s through the steps of The Awakenings Technique.



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