Vonda NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner


Life is never random. Despite what we may think the Universe is always setting out a perfect plan for each of us as was the case for Vonda Smith. For in 2001 after more than a decade as a horse trainer and riding coach the horse that she was sitting on suddenly reared up and fell over on top of her, crushing the bones of her pelvis and changing the course of her life forever.

Almost a decade of rehabilitation following the traditional medical approach to healing left her with nothing more than chronic pain, depression and an unwanted dependency on pain reducing medication. Thus began her extensive search for the root cause of illness and its cure which led Vonda right into the path of Dr. Kevin Morrison. Their combined passion to understand what really creates healing, extensive conversations and their combined intuition led eventually to the creation of the technique the world now knows as The Awakenings Technique.

Vonda now works in tandem with Dr. Morrison but has also gone on to create a weight reduction program of her own utilizing the principles she gained from the Awakenings Technique. She employs the use of personally guided meditations she herself created to help further enhance the long term emotional changes she creates in her clients towards food, eating and the belief that they can achieve and maintain their ideal body weight.

Vonda is a Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Co-Founder of the Awakenings Technique, Author and Speaker.

Vonda can be reached at www.awakeningstechnique.com , at (519) 474-1113 or by emailing her at vonda@awakeningstechnique.com.

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