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chirothin_perfect_finished_adDr. Kevin Morrison announces the addition of ChiroThin™ to his office

Dr. Kevin Morrison announced  that he has added the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program™ to his office.  When asked what made Dr. Morrison decide to begin offering weight loss, Dr. Morrison said: “The number of people in Canada that are overweight or obese has reached near epidemic portions.  Every day I have the opportunity to treat patients who are suffering with health conditions that can be associated to being overweight.  In fact, studies have shown that nearly 80% health conditions can be either directly or indirectly related to weight issues.  I have decided to take a stand and help the people of London regain control of their weight and as a result, their health.


When asked why Dr. Morrison though weight issues have become such a problem, Dr. Morrison said: “People have forgotten how to eat in a way that promotes health and being at their optimal weight and the two go hand-in-hand.  In fact, that is what made me decide to go with ChiroThin. It teaches people how and what to eat in the real world.  There are no shakes, no eating meals out of a box, no crazy exercise programs, and all of the food is purchased at the grocery store.”  Dr. Morrison went on to say that many people, when following the ChiroThin program, lose 20-35 pounds in just 6 weeks and they are given the tools to help them make the weight loss more permanent.

Watch these video to learn more:

Congratulations to Tammy my latest client who just finished her 6 week program and lost 23lbs and 22 inches.

ChiroThin Testimonials  

I’ve been yo-yo dieting most of my adult life, with not much success and it normally took me weeks to lose a few pounds.  With ChiroThin program and the guidance of Vonda I’ve lost 20 pounds and 18 inches in 4 weeks. I look and feel great after losing the weight with this program and I now have a healthier outlook on my eating habits. Thank you Vonda for your guidance and your support during this process. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.


Sheri Lynn

I have lost a total of 20 pounds and 15 inches in 6 weeks under the ChiroThin program with the guidance and support of Vonda.  Even better, I kicked my diet Pepsi habit of 6 cans a day for 40 years (honestly). Vonda had suggested I use Chai tea as a “sweet supplement” and it worked!  I often make it as iced tea as well.  Thank you Vonda for a healthier life style, I am very pleased with the program.     Karen T. 

This product has been approved by the Canadian Chiropractic College here in Canada since 2012  and has been very successful in the states for several years now.  Everyone of our clients who has tried this program has been very successful.  My latest client has reached her goal weight loss of 20 lbs. in just over three weeks.  I myself lost 16 lbs. in four weeks after trying to diet and exercise it off for a whole year and I have also kept it off.   Call or email to book your free no obligation consultation and receive $50.00 off the program.

Sincerely,  Vonda Smith of ChiroThin




For questions or to learn more about the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program™  contact:

Dr. Kevin Morrison or Vonda Smith

Address: 627 Thornwood Court

Oxford and Wonderland area

Phone  519-474-1113


Email drmorrisonis@gmail.com




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