Kevin. BSc. Hon., D.C. and Medical Intuitive.

Dr. Kevin Morrison is a survivor. He stands as proof to all of us that as Walt Disney once said,” Dreams do come true”. From out of the ashes of a childhood beginning where he witnessed unspeakable personal tragedy of every imaginable type he has risen and reinvented himself to become a celebrated Author, lecturer, Doctor of Chiropractic, Spiritual Intuitive and the co-founder of The Awakenings Technique along with his wife Vonda.

Currently when Dr. Morrison isn’t busy attending to his may Chiropractic clients you will either find him together with his wife on Skype connecting with someone in need somewhere around the world or back in his “spiritual office” working individually and in person attending to the emotional needs of someone on his ever growing list of Awakening Clients. Dr. Morrison learned very early on into his Chiropractic career that addressing the physical symptoms associated with an individual’s illness without first addressing its underlying emotional cause is both unproductive and pointless.

Thus Dr. Morrison took action and decided to use his special gifts of insight and intuition to help create this powerful life changing technique which is both gentle in its approach and unique in its ability to be able to allow clients to release emotional baggage they have carried, often for a lifetime, in a loving and safe environment.

Awakenings employs a type of “non-talk therapy” developed here and not seen anywhere else which allows each client to release both past and present emotional drama’s and trauma’s without having to talk or focus on them with the end result being the creation of log term emotional, physical and spiritual changes within each client. The changes seen are miraculous, heart warming and a wonderful testament to the adage, “Change your thoughts and you change your life.”


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